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   Fire Protection Pentair Nijhuis introduces a fish-friendly pump      
Fish Frendly


10-09-2009 (KnowHow article):


In collaboration with FishFlow Innovations Pentair Nijhuis has developed a fish-friendly pump which, according to the latest tests supervised by VisAdvies BV, allows more than 97 percent of the fish to get through unharmed. And even 100% of the eel in various lengths, in the wild a species almost endangered, gets through this pump unscathed. This is a major sustainable innovation, which Pentair Nijhuis and FishFlow can present to the market.

A large part of The Netherlands is below flood level. In the past, pumping stations, dikes, dams and sluices were built to control the water level and protect inhabitants against floods. A number of fish species migrate from salt to fresh water in order to spawn. Water management measures taken by Dutch district water boards interfere with this innate migration of fish. What’s more, each year great quantities of fish die as they get injured inside the pumps operating in the pumping stations. This has an adverse effect on fish stock. The water boards employ fish-friendly methods to help the fish cross the Dutch waters. Until now, however, there was no sustainable solution for the pumps used in the pumping stations. 
The fish-friendly pump features a special impeller and guide vanes that have a special shape, which will create a specific flow, allowing the fish to get through the pumping station safely. 
On June 15, VisAdvies BV conducted an independent investigation by means of a practical test with live fish and this new fish-friendly pump. It proved the pump was safe for more than 97 percent of the fish. Pump performance is not affected by this remarkable result. The fish-friendly pump has an efficiency of more than 80 percent.

To update a pumping station Pentair Nijhuis customizes the pump, which guarantees its fish-friendliness and also optimizes efficiency. Thanks to this feature, the electrical system in most existing pumping stations does not need to be upgraded, when renovated. This means that considerably less costs have to be made when adapting an existing system into a fish-friendly one. 
The new fish-friendly pump can be made to fit into the existing pumping station. Depending on the situation, it is even possible to just replace the hydraulic components and still realize a fish-friendly pump. If possible, the pump housing and drive motor can be re-used. 




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