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   NAVIGATION Wind System      

Walker Wind Speed and Direction Sensors



A robust range lightweight and heavyweight masthead units, all providing the same output, suitable for a complete variety of applications.


  • Solid state principles for windspeed and direction.
  • No calibration required, allowing simple installation of multi indicator systems.
  • Anodised aluminium housing.
  • Simple installation, plug/ socket cable connection.
  • Standard cable, P293, for each masthead unit.
  • The vane and cup units have a non-contact sensing operation with less moving parts giving less friction, better reliability and longer life, dependant on the bearing quality only.
  • Processing carried out within the masthead units to provide an NMEA0183 output signal. Power supply 24vDC.
  • Each masthead unit will operate with all the current Walkers displays, analogue and digital.
  • Interchangeable with earlier sensor units.


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