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BiFlow Pump: Reduction of Expensive Port Time

For Maritime Applications



Pentair Nijhuis’ dedication to tailor-made solutions for customer’s needs resulted in the development of the BiFlow pump for the maritime industry. Since time is money, ship owners desire a quick turn around when loading or unloading ships in ports. This new BiFlow pump reaches capacities of up to 3000 m3 per hour and with that it reduces the expensive time in port.

The bi-directional, in-line ballast BiFlow pump, is especially designed for the transport of large amounts of ballast water on ships, where space requirements and piping on ships must be reduced to a minimum, to ensure maximum space for loading.

With this Pentair Nijhuis BiFlow pump, symmetrical forward and reverse performance will be achieved. Moreover, this pump makes it possible to limit space and piping, provides a fast control response, and gives low noise and vibration levels. Applications are found – among others – in
the maritime industry for static or dynamic ballast control, ship locks and docks, and bow thrusters.


·        Bi-directional operation

·        In-line assembly

·        Large performance envelope

·        High overall efficiency


·        Reduction of port time

·        Symmetrical forward and reverse performance

·        Minimum of space and piping

·        Fast control response

·        Low noise and vibration levels

Maritime applications:

·        Static or dynamic ballast control

·        Ship locks and docks

·        Bow thrusters




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